Edison Report: Exceptional Year

Solid financials complete an exceptional year; strong position to accelerate development and meet important FY14 milestones.

Posted: 07/03/14


The Economist: Just the ticket

Smart labels: The 40-year-old barcode has a new, more intelligent rival that can store information, display and transmit it.

Posted: 07/03/14


Forbes: A New Perspective on the Internet of Things

How many sensors are required to power the Internet of Things? About a trillion.

Posted: 19/02/14


EEWeb: Thinfilm’s Printable Circuits

EEWeb spoke with Jennifer Ernst, EVP of Sales & Business Development for Thinfilm, about the printable circuit technology, some of the unique applications they envision for it, and the company’s plan for global expansion.

Posted: 13/02/14


Finansavisen: Thinfilm accelerates road map to NFC enabled Smart Labels

Thinfilm acquires Kovio Technology for NOK 23 million. Registration of the 256 patents that follow with the acquisition will, in itself, cost more than USD 10 million, according to Thinfilm CEO.

Posted: 28/01/14


eWeek: “Big Factor in Internet of Things”

Thinfilm Goes Mobile with NFC Printed Circuit — could prove to be a major connecting cog in the so-called Internet of things.

Posted: 24/01/14